Season 1

April 01, 2024

Lazarus come out!

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. It was a tremendous miracle, showing that Jesus has the power to raise us from the dead, too.

March 27, 2024

Three Crosses

Three men who hung on three crosses, who died three incredibly painful deaths. But only One who died and rose again. What did the Lord hope we would learn from the three crosses and the men who hung t...

March 27, 2024

It is Finished

Jesus' words “it is finished” seem strange. After all, he was dying on the cross. What had he finished? What his audience didn't know was that his death on the cross was accomplishing something life-c...

March 13, 2024

Great Expectations

What are the expectations you have in your life? Jesus not only meets our expectations, but he exceeds them.